Hands-On Training or Hands-Off SUpport

Learn to use your technology 

We know that getting help from a tech guy or gal can be intimidating. Too many tech-saavy people talk in jargon and gibberish, and there's no help in that. Tech Tutor's goal is to always help and teach in the most relatable, friendly way so that you truly learn. We provide in-home support to equip you with the confidence and knowledge you need to get the most out of your technology.

Hands-Off Support

We understand the frustration of technology run amok. As you add new phones, upgrade to new computers, download new apps, things can get tangled up very quickly. We come in and help straighten everything out! You can hand over the reins to us and let us clean up the mess, secure your devices and information, set up backups, and create a plan for future ease of use with your tech. 

Examples of common support topics:

  • Printer Set Up & Troubleshooting
  • Short Cuts and Quick Tips to be more Efficient
  • Safari, Google Chrome, and the Internet
  • Taking good iPhone or iPad photos
  • Create, Store, and Share Documents
  • iPhone Travel Tips
  • Apple Watch or Fitbit
  • Downloading Apps
  • Cell Phone Bill Adjustment
  • iMovie, Lightroom, Microsoft Office, iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and more.
  • Privacy Settings & Internet Safety
  • iCloud and Apple ID
  • Passwords
  • Holiday Greeting Cards
  • Address Label Printing
  • Email Organization and Tutorial
  • Setting up a new iPhone, iPad or computer
  • Make Photo Books
  • Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV
  • Convert slides, VHS tapes, or other old media
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, & Twitter.